Episode 008: 7 Real Estate Investing All-Stars Reveal their Top Strategies for Prospering in the New Economy

Masters Of Real Estate Podcast
Masters Of Real Estate Podcast
Episode 008: 7 Real Estate Investing All-Stars Reveal their Top Strategies for Prospering in the New Economy

In this recorded session from one of our recent live educational webinars, seven of the world’s greatest real estate investors come together on an exclusive panel to share their insider secrets for creating cash flow and wealth in real estate – regardless of what’s happening in the economy.

Here’s a sample of the topics discussed:

➢ What’s working and what’s not in today’s new Economy

➢ The real estate bubble: How to survive and thrive if or when the market collapses.

➢ What you should be doing right now… if you really want to create wealth in an uncertain world.

➢ Where you should be parking your money… and which real estate asset classes have the greatest opportunities right now.

➢ Creative, out-of-the-box methods for finding great deals on a regular basis – in both up and down markets

➢ Are we in a Recession? Headed for a Depression? Or on the road to recovery? Our esteemed panelists give their eye-opening economic forecasts.

➢ Tips and strategies for building a recession-resistant and pandemic-proof portfolio.

➢ Plus much, much more!

Meet our Amazing Panel:

Dennis Fassett: Real Estate Investor and mentor with a profitable portfolio of rental properties that he’s acquired while working a full-time job. Dennis still chooses to work, and is still able to transact 50-75 deals per year (primarily single family homes) as a buy & hold and wholesale investor. http://www.dennisfassett.com/

Matt Faircloth: Co-founder and president of the DeRosa Group, a real estate investment company that specializes in buying and renovating residential and commercial properties. DeRosa has completed more than $60M in real estate transactions involving private capital–including fix-and-flips, single-family home rentals, mixed-use buildings, apartment buildings, office buildings, and tax lien investments. Home – The DeRosa Group

Cherif Medawar: Professional Real Estate Investor, Commercial Property Specialist, Educator, and Hedge Fund Manager With Over $100M in Capital and Assets. Commercial Real Estate Investment | Real Estate Mentor| Cherif Medawar

Desi Arnaz: Professional Note Investor, Former Owner of a Century 21 Franchise and Two Mortgage Companies, & Currently the President of ACI Legacy Group, a Mortgage Note Dealer in San Diego, CA. Note Investor Coaching

Ryan & Jamie Smith: Ryan & Jamie are the founders of Elevation Capital Group, a respected leader in the alternative real estate investment arena. The company focuses exclusively on two niche property types: manufactured housing communities and storage facilities. Elevation and its affiliates, has acquired properties worth more than $600 million and has held an interest in over 175 assets across more than 30 states. Elevation Capital Group – A Better Way to Invest

Derek Alexandrenko: Manager of the Hammerhead BTR Fund, which focuses on ground-up construction of single family home communities built with the intent to rent rather than sell, a fast-growing niche that Derek says “has resulted in great communities for our residents and higher yields for our fund investors”. Hammerhead Capital | Lafayette, LA

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