Episode 023:  10 Critical Steps When Reviewing a Passive Real Estate Investment Opportunity – with Bill Guting & Kimmie P. Nguyen

Masters Of Real Estate Podcast
Masters Of Real Estate Podcast
Episode 023:  10 Critical Steps When Reviewing a Passive Real Estate Investment Opportunity – with Bill Guting & Kimmie P. Nguyen

This episode caters to you passive investors (defined as investors who prefer to write a check and collect checks) who are considering a passive real estate investment opportunity.  These are the 10 steps we strongly recommend you go through before you even consider plunking down your hard-earned money on any type of passive investment!

We know a big percentage of our listeners are active investors (defined as someone who actively finds, negotiates, and develops their own deals… and treats their investing like an ongoing operating business), so if that’s you as well, we think one of your main goals should be to eventually become a passive investor in larger commercial or multifamily deals. 


#1) Nothing beats consistent, reliable, and higher, double-digit returns that continue to pay – even while you sleep! J

#2) The tax benefits for real estate professionals (investors, realtors, mortgage brokers, etc.) who invest in larger, passive investment opportunities are quite simply… THE SINGLE GREATEST TAX SHELTER IN THE ENTIRE U.S. TAX CODE!   

In this episode, we share with you 10 critical steps that will serve as your guide whenever you’re considering a passive real estate investment oppportunity

Check out the steps below:

02:48 Determine What Type of Investment is the Right Fit For You

04:20 Assess Experience Level of the Manager

06:59 Search for a Preferred Return

10:00 Review the Profit Splits

12:35 Look for Realistic/Conservative Assumptions in their Projections

15:16 Check out the Manager/s Business Plan

16:25 Check out the Location and Surrounding Area’s Demographics

18:10 Really Get To Know The Manager/s

24:51 Assess Their Communications and Financial Reporting

25:39 Review All the Legal Documents

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Who are Bill and Kimmie?

Here’s a quick snippet on who they are (and why you should, or should not, be listening to them)!  And if you want a little deeper dive on their history, mindset, and approach to investing, here’s an interview they did titled The Truth: Bill G & Kimmie P EXPOSED!

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